All Training Programs will include

  • Preliminary Consultation
  • Pack Leadership
  • Proper Pack Behavior
  • On Leash Training
  • Health & Nutrition 



Obedience Training Programs

  • Potty Training
  • House Breaking
  • Level 1 Obedience Training your dog will learn 7 basic commands.
  • Level 2 Obedience Training your dog will learn intermediate commands
  • Level 3 Obedience Training your dog will learn advanced commands

Service & Therapy Dog Program

This program will provide owners the ability to

  • Log the necessary hours by law
  • Pre-Test
  • Test
  • Access Public Areas
  • Register 

New Family Member Adoption Process

  • Search
  • Match
  • Introduce

Protection Training Program

  • Proper Control
  • Proper Commands
  • Distance Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Bite vs. Protection 
  • Laws

Behavior Modification/Rehabilitation Program

  • The alteration of behavior through the use of positive reinforcement 

Part Time Board & Train Program

  • We will train your dog throughout the day and they will be home when you get home.

Additional Support for Dog Training in Tampa

  • Lifetime Training Program
  • Refferals for any pet service needs Dog Training in Tampa