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Compassionate, Experienced Dog Lovers Dog Training in Tampa

Helping you take care of your furry friends!

About Us

Quality Training

For over 5 years, we have been serving the pets and families of the Tampa Bay area. We love caring for and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality training and care while you're away. 

Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to care for your pets when you're away. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pet needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. At CBS, we assure you that if you follow the steps you will be guaranteed positive results.

Behavioral Specialist or Trainer?

Behavioral Specialist

Behavioral Specialists focus on shaping behaviors in animals and tend to work with pets displaying behavior problems. They can recognize how and why your pet’s behavior is abnormal, and can effectively teach you how to understand and work with your pet. Behavior Specialists are experts in behavior modification and also deeply understand the normal behavior of the particular species being treated. In addition, behavioral specialists spend a lot of time counseling owners about the way they interact with their pets. 

Dog Trainer

Dog trainers train dogs to perform specific tasks or actions. They also teach dogs not to do certain things. Some trainers will work with problem behaviors, even delving into the behaviorist side of things. At CBS yes! we do train your dogs' as well as we are behavior specialists. 

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